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Lifting table classification
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Commonly used for learning, office, Internet and other aspects, according to the way of lifting roughly divided into the following three categories.

1. automatic

The automatic lifting table usually uses electricity as the power source. It regulates the height of the lifting table by the motor control mechanism. It can also control the height of the lifting table by controlling the pressure bar or the hydraulic rod by the compressor.

Advantages: small power consumption, stable and beautiful style, and a wide range of lifting.

2. non automatic

The automatic lifting table is simplified in the automatic lifting table. It saves motor or compressor and adjusts the mechanical device, hydraulic rod and pneumatic bar through manpower.

Advantages: low price, no oil without oil

3. tables on the table

The table on the table is the table on the table. Through the air spring assisting, unarmed to lift and fall.

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