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Development Trend Of Intelligent Furniture
Apr 17, 2018

Because intelligent furniture involves many fields, such as Internet, information industry, manufacturing industry, construction industry, real estate industry, home appliance industry, and so on, there are different strategic positioning and content in the "13th Five-Year" plan.

Intelligent furniture is concerned by many industries in the plan of "13th Five-Year". On the one hand, this new industry is in line with the trend of world development and its broad prospect of embracing the Internet. On the other hand, the consumer market and space of this new industry have been favored by various major industries.

At present, the definition of intelligent furniture equipment is shifting from "help control home lighting, temperature, safety and entertainment through automatic and numerical control systems" to "control the entire range of residential products by mobile communications and tablet computers". This not only affects people's living environment, but also changes people's way of life. In the next 5 years, smart furniture will become more popular in over 80% countries. China will undoubtedly become the main battlefield for multinational companies to compete for intelligent furniture.

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