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Physical Union Intelligence
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Physical union intelligence

1, intelligent furniture takes the network center and data center as the core of the intelligent TV cabinet, uses the APP which is embedded independently in the mobile device, uses the WIFI transmission protocol, the Bluetooth transmission protocol to carry out the command set transmission and data exchange, and realizes the wireless control function of the furniture with the terminal IC embedded WIFI and Bluetooth control protocol. Users can conveniently exchange data, transmit data, play video and play, and control functions through mobile phones.

2, through WeChat or APP to browse and query products, order transactions, logistics enquiries, after-sales service declaration, maintenance and use of the instructions to download, and online communication with the factory customer service.

3, open and independent research and development of the APP port, the intelligent home, intelligent home appliances, intelligent kitchen control system in the ENAPP software, to realize the entire home of the material control.

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